Heliocol Solar Heating warm pool experience


The Heliocol Solar Heating Experience


Look at the faces of these little cuties. It kind of says it all.  The Heliocol Solar Pool Heating experience is really exciting.  You can enjoy many benefits associated with having a warm pool.

Here Are 9 Reasons Why You Should Warm Your Pool

  • Your swimming season is extended for longer throughout the year
  • Have pool parties and social events at your place
  • Teach your kids to swim, while they feel relaxed in the warm water
  • Release stress and tension by being more active and swimming regularly
  • Improve your health, fitness, stamina and flexibility
  • Adds value to your property
  • Create healthy, fun and technology gadgets free  environment for your kids, family and friends 
  • It’s easy to use and maintain
  • It’s cost effective and will pay for itself over time


Solar heating has become the easy choice for pool owners who want to spend more time in the swimming pool, instead of cleaning it! 

Solar pool heating was created when environmentalists in the world brought awareness of the future scarcity of renewable energy to the world.  

With more awareness people started to make informed choices to care for the environment and still get the results of heating their pool.  So, choosing solar pool heating is a win/win!


Heliocol Creates A Better Experience By Giving You A Range of Choices in Solar Heating


There are many ways you can warm your pool.  You can use a  Solar Heating Pool Cover  to spread over the top of your pool.  It sits on top of the water, keeping the water thermally insulated and prevents any heat loss.


Heat Pumps and Gas Heaters are a great alternative for solar heating your pool.  If heat pumps are the only means of heating your pool, it will take longer to warm the water. However, they are still effective in warming your pool and they are easy to install. 

Gas heaters are a great option for people wanting “on demand” heating of their pool.  A gas heater can heat the water in your pool in around 8 hours.


You can use a Solar Pool Heating System which uses energy from the sun to heat your pool water. They are best suited to sunny areas, like the Whitsundays. Heliocol’s solar heating systems work by amplifying the heat from the sun to warm the solar panels. A pump is used to push the pool water through the panels and through lots of tiny tubes heating the water on the way through.  The heated water then flows straight back into the pool. 

Click here to download the Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Booklet.