Choosing Solar Heating Technical Details to Warm Your Pool

Heliocol Solar Heating System Technical Information 

Heliocol is well known for it’s superb quality and durability when it comes to manufacturing solar pool heating systems.  

Heliocol was established in Australia in 1995, designing, supplying and installing a range of solar pool heating options to homeowners, contractors and commercial businesses.

Heliocol is a well known and preferred brand of Solar Pool Heating Systems because Australians love a product that is loyal and dependable.  


Here’s why Heliocol is a well known leader in the Australian Pool Heating Industry:

  • We only provide the highest quality polypropylene product
  • Solar Heating Systems are installed with unique high wind mounting hardware
  • Manufacturing from vermin tough material
  • Our products have excellent heat absorbing materials and transfer properties
  • Customer support is ongoing for 25 years with our guarantee and warranty
  • We have an amazing team of support people, highly trained and skilled consultants and installers


Unique features of Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Panels include:

  • Over-moulding technology
  • Cylindric Shape
  • Fins
  • Specially formulated Polymer Material
  • Gator Clamp
  • All Polymer parts and fittings
  • Spacer Bars
  • Individual tube design


Diagram: Technical Details Diagram of Heliocol Solar Heating Panels 

Helicol technical details

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