Sunx Solar Pool Heating warms the swimming pool for guests

Sunx Solar Pool Heating Systems


Sunx Solar pool heating by Heliocol stands strong as a leader and innovator in solar energy for our future generation.  Sunx Solar is a name you trust for your solar pool heating requirements.  

The Sunx collector will warm your pool by extruding the collector tubes inside a special glazing material which amplifies the output of the solar collector.  

The solar radiation refraction during the cooler months will decrease.  You’ll have the ultimate control of the temperature of your pool water.sunx-logo

Sunx Solar offers an affordable range of solar heating options for your pool.  

Sunx Solar Collectors are manufactured from 100% UV stabilised polypropylene using a unique over-moulding process.

The innovative process allows the headers and the individual tubes to be moulded into one piece.  This process allows the individual joins to be eliminated leaving you with a quality product.

Sunx Solar has a 12 year warranty to guarantee the quality and standard you would expect from the Heliocol brand. The warranty on Sunx Solar Collectors includes protection from vermin and cockatoo damage.


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