Heliocol Pool covers and blankets




Pool covers are a great option for retaining the warmth from the sun in your pool.  A pool cover absorbs the sunlight and transfers the heat to the water.  

Pool covers are made to work as insulation so the heat stays in the pool water keeping it warm and ready for you to enjoy.

A pool cover is made from materials containing thousands of tiny bubbles.  These bubbles work together to collect the heat and warm your pool water.  

The pool cover floats on top of the water and the solar energy penetrates the cover allowing the energy from the sun to warm the water.  

The cover acts as a seal to retain the heat in the pool water. 

Pool covers have an added benefit of reducing water evaporation and reduces chemical depletion.  This saves you more money.

There are many benefits of having a solar pool cover

solar pool covers for warmer waterThere is a wide range of pool covers available so you need to make sure you know what your specific needs are.  

If you want to retain heat in your pool, extend your swimming time for an extra couple of months throughout the year, reduce chemical and water evaporation, you need to be looking for a Solar Pool cover.

Other pool covers will help keep your pool clean from debris and garden leaves making it easier for you to clean and maintain but won’t warm your pool because generic pool covers are not made with material that retains heat.  

A Solar Pool cover will keep your pool clean by keeping garden debris out of the water as well as keep your pool water warm.

Heliocol Whitsundays supplies Daisy Pool Covers.  Daisy pool covers are extra strong and made with the best materials to withstand the tough climates and harsh heated chemical environment.  

The materials used to make a Daisy Pool Cover is based on the ability of the UltraDome bubble and is made from strong polyethylene (PE) so it will continue to stay strong over time.

The quality of the structure of the Daisy Pool Cover means you know you’re getting the best product on the market.  

The thickness of the bubble material is even which increases the lifespan of the pool cover.  

2/3rd’s of the material used in a Daisy Pool Cover is placed into the bubble or the side of the cover that is in touch with the pool water.


1. Reduce Water Evaporation

Water evaporation costs money and time in maintenance.  Your pool can lose up to one and half times it’s total volume.  

You can rest easy knowing the Daisy Pool Cover acts as a barrier to evaporation, keeping your water warm and in the pool.  

2. Retains Heat In The Pool 

The Daisy Pool Cover acts as an insulator retaining heat and keeping it in the pool water so your pool stays nice and warm.  

It acts as a barrier between the warm and cold air and helps to stop convection from occurring. 

The Daisy Pool Cover will amplify any other solar pool heating systems you have in place like a heater, pump or solar panels because it locks in and preserves the heat.

3. Reduces Chemical Evaporation

A Daisy Pool Cover saves you money on pool chemicals because it reduces up to 50% of chemical evaporation. 

The Daisy Pool Cover is made to withstand extreme conditions with it’s supreme quality materials and structure. 

This helps it stay strong again the gases and chemicals from the pool.  

4. Reduces Evaporation

There are many things that contribute to evaporation including: 

  • Water surface
  • Water temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Air pressure
  • Air density
  • Wind speed 
  • Humidity 

A Daisy Pool Cover helps reduce natural evaporation by up to 97%.  It acts as a physical barrier against evaporation.

Heliocol Whitsundays can supply and install your pool cover and ensure you get the right pool cover for your needs.

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