13 Dec 2015

8 Areas of Pool Safety You Must Address

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Pool Safety For Your Family

Pool safety is the number one priority when it comes to having a pool at home. Pools are so much fun for the family.  

It’s a time for relaxing, bonding and feeling good!  A good time can quickly turn into a tragedy and pool safety is the number one priority that must be addressed by everyone who uses your pool.

Did you know that most drownings are preventable?  If that’s a fact then it’s great to know that there are things you can do and have in place to ensure the safety of everyone who visits your pool.  

Here’s a checklist you can go over to make sure you’re on top of the safety requirements for your pool environment.

Pool Safety Checklist

Swimming Pool Gate

Make sure the pool gate swings back and closes automatically without assistance.  You need to know that as soon as you walk through the gate it will swing shut behind you.

You want to check that you can’t open the gate by pulling on it, pushing on it or standing on the bottom rail of the gate.

Make sure the gate is a safe distance from the fence and nothing is around the fence that can be climbed on to reach the gate opening like chairs, tables, bikes or big toys.


Swimming Pool Fence

Your fence must be in excellent condition.  It must be strong with no panels or pieces missing.  It must be the right height too.  

Also, be sure to check that there are no loose pieces that could cause the fence to come down or becomes weak enough that a little one could push their way through.

Make sure all bolts and screws are tightly fitted and in good order and condition.


Around The Pool Fence

Around the pool environment is just as important as the pool area itself when it comes to pool safety.  

Make sure there is nothing at all that children can climb on to get over the fence or over the gate including tables, chairs, toys, cars, trees, BBQ’s, exercise equipment or anything else that may be around.  

Sometimes it doesn’t seem obvious when you’re looking at things you see every day.  

You might not even realise how much a tree has grown or how a branch is starting to hang over the fence.  Be alert and over check everything.


mum practicing pool safety with babySupervision

I think this one goes without saying but make sure someone is there to supervise children in the pool.  You need to be alert and within arms reach of young children.  

Sometimes it looks like they are playing around but they are actually in trouble.  Never leave children alone in the pool.  

If you’re having pool parties make sure there are adults who are not drinking to supervise and be alert for everyone in the pool.  

If teenagers are having parties please make sure someone is supervising them too.  Especially when alcohol is present, the warm sun and dehydration can cause problems.  

Even holding their breath underwater for too long and things that seem harmless, still need to be supervised.

You really can NEVER be too careful when it comes to pool safety.


Pool Equipment

Make sure you check all of your pool equipment so it’s in good working order. Check that all plumbing grates have covers securely attached over them.  

If anyone has long hair make sure it is tied back if they are near any filters or equipment where it could get caught.  


Emergency Training

Be sure that there are people in your home who have been through First Aid training.  This is a good idea even if you don’t have a pool.  

First aid training means someone is trained to handle an emergency situation until help arrives.  

Check to make sure you have a first aid box within reach in the pool area and that is stocked correctly.  Also, keep a resuscitation chart visible for everyone to see.



Chemicals must be stored securely and out of reach of children. Make sure you adhere to the safety instructions on the chemical labels and use any protective gear required.  


Electrical Safety

Make sure any electrical power supplies have an RCD or RCCB.


Kids Inflatables

Pool Safety little girl with floatiesMake sure kiddies floaties and water rafts and anything else that keeps the littles ones above the water are all in good condition with no tears or holes.

Children Safe Word

When kids are playing they can yell and scream and over time it can be hard to tell if they are playing of if something is wrong.  Create a safe word with your child so that if they are in trouble in the pool they can yell out that one word which means they need help – NOW.  


Pool safety is for everyone and you can never hear these reminders enough.  Equipment may be good today but it won’t stay that way so you need to keep on checking it.  You might think your kids can swim well, you still need to be supervising them.  Pool safety is for everyone who visits your home so make sure you educate them on the pool rules in your home.


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