Commercial Pool Heating

Commercial Solar Heating For Swimming Pools


The most important thing for a commercial pool, hotel or resort is creating an ambience and atmosphere that have guests coming back again and again and referring your place to all their friends.  

To make this happen, you need to stand out and prove you have their best interests at heart.  

You need to take into consideration the needs of all ages from infants to the elderly who can all enjoy the amenities your place has to offer and you need to do all of this on a shoestring budget!

Creating an elegant ambience and top notch facilities all comes at a price.  

Having a heated pool ticks all the boxes of a first class experience for your guests because they’re not limited to swimming in the summer months only.  

Warming your commercial pool means you can get more swimming time from your pool throughout the year.

Your guests can also reap the health and therapeutic benefits of swimming in warm water.

And for you, the pool owner, you get to save money in the process which is really important too.

Heliocol Whitsundays commercial solar pool heating

Every successful business owner knows you need to be savvy when it comes to running your business expenses.  

Running a commercial swimming pool attracts many costs including chemical treatment, cleaning the pool, pool maintenance, life-saving trained staff, electricity and some other things.

Heliocol Whitsundays can help you with the electricity costs by using solar heating panels to warm your commercial swimming pool.  

Using the energy of the sun to warm your pool will cut down on the electricity costs and the beauty is the solar heating panels work automatically.  

Together with a controller, you can leave it up to the solar heating system to warm your pool so you can focus on other things like getting more people to your resort, hotel or public swimming pool.

A Heliocol Commercial Heating System will pay for itself within 3 years! I know it’s pretty awesome!   After that, all the savings go into your pocket.


Commercial Pool Solar Heating Variables 

Each commercial pool is unique in its own way and Heliocol Whitsundays are trained to give you the best solar heating system to suit your pool.  

We take into consideration all the variables of your commercial pool structure including:

  • Gas boiler
  • Heat pump
  • Heat exchange
  • Filtration equipment
  • Control mechanisms
  • Suction and return lines
  • Secondary heating system
  • Plumbing circuit


Because not all commercial pools are set up the same way we are professionally trained to work with the structure you have.  

Installing a Heliocol Solar Heating System is pretty simple. 

Heliocol Whitsundays solar pool heatingTo give you an example; if your commercial swimming pool was built with separate suction and return lines for a secondary heating system Heliocol Whitsundays would use these original lines.

That means the solar heating system is kept on it’s own plumbing circuit keeping it simple and easy to control.

We like to keep everything cost-effective and maximise the investment you’ve already made in the current setup structure of your pool and plumbing. 

However, if separate lines are not present, Heliocol Whitsundays would connect the solar heating system into existing filtration lines.

The water is drawn after it’s been filtered and pumped to the solar panels.  Then the water is returned to the pool, already warmed on its way down through the filtration lines, prior to any sanitation equipment.  An electronic controller will control when the water is pumped to the solar panels, maximising the heat transfer to the pool water.  This gives you more control.
Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.19.31 PM

To maximise your energy cost savings, we can use the same controller to control the gas or heat pump systems so you can provide comfortable pool water temperature for your guests when solar energy is not at it’s strongest.


For more information, click the button to download an overview of Heliocol Commercial Solar Heating Systems.


Benefits Of A Heliocol Commercial Pool Solar Heating System:

  • Low running costs
  • No maintenance costs
  • Substantial savings on electricity costs
  • Works in conjunction with an existing gas or heat pump system
  • Free heat to warm your pool
  • All year round swimming for your guests 
  • Consistent pool temperature


Thousands of commercial pool owners around the world have trusted the Heliocol Commercial Solar Pool Heating Systems to warm their pools.  

Heliocol has become known for high-quality materials, excellent performance, durability and low maintenance solar heating systems. 

By choosing Heliocol Whitsundays to design and install a Commercial Solar Heating System, you can put a big tick next to each of these things.  

We back our product with a 25-year warranty.  

If you’re after a commercial pool solar heating system choosing Heliocol Whitsundays means you’re choosing a brand name you can trust.

For more information call us on 0414 232 086 or send us a message.

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