Heliocol Whitsundays Commercial Pool Heat Pumps & Gas Heaters provide warm water for hotel guests

Commercial Pool Heat Pumps & Gas Pool Heaters

Commercial pool heat pumps and gas heaters can heat your pool with minimal fuss or expense.

When considering solar pool heating for your commercial pool, there are many factors to consider to make sure you’re investing in the right heating system.  

At Heliocol Whitsunday’s, we understand each location and climate will influence the needs of your solar pool heating system.  

The weather in the Whitsunday’s is mostly hot and humid, but it isn’t enough to keep your pool water warm.

The sun will definitely warm your pool water, but it won’t help retain the heat in your pool.  

Upmarket hotels and resorts prefer to keep their pools warm to provide the added benefits of warm water to their guests.  Warm water is therapeutic, inviting and relieves stress and tension.  

Commercial pool owners know they need to keep their guests happy and create an experience that makes them want to come back again and again.  

Warm water suits guests of all ages from infants to seniors.  

If you’re looking to improve the amenities for your guests and attract more people to your hotel, resort or commercial swimming pool there are a few ways you can warm your pool including heat pumps and gas heaters.


Heliocol Commercial Pool Heat PumpsHeat Pumps

Commercial pool heat pumps are a great alternative to warming your commercial pool.  

Commercial pool heat pumps are environmentally friendly and will keep your pool water temperature nice and warm.

They are quiet, energy efficient and provide heating for your pool throughout the year.  

Commercial pool heat pumps are designed to function at optimum levels to warm your pool and maintain the correct temperature according to the requirements for the size of your pool.  

Our heating pumps are manufactured with the highest quality materials and require little maintenance. This is a great benefit to commercial pool owners who can save money and manpower on maintenance.

When investing in a commercial solar pool heating talk to the experts.  At Heliocol Whitsundays, we have the expertise and experience to recommend the right commercial pool heat pumps or solar heating system to suit your commercial pool requirements.


Heliocol Commercial Pool Gas Heater

Gas Pool Heaters

Gas pool heating systems are a quick and reliable heating option for commercial pools.  

They don’t take up a lot of room for installation and they are a cheaper alternative to a complete solar pool heating system. 

Gas heaters are an excellent choice if you have a small, private pool for guests and you’re wanting to create an intimate, luxurious experience.  

The best feature of the gas heater is it heats on demand, so you can warm your pool quickly to impress your guests.

They are ideal for last minute party bookings and for pools that don’t require round the clock heating. 

They are also great at maintaining the heat in the water once it has been warmed, but they do have higher running costs.

You can also use a gas pool heater together with a pump to give an added boost to your pool water temperature to create a calm, relaxing ambience for your guests.

Ideally, they are best suited to small pools and spas.

For more information on commercial pool heat pumps and gas pool heating systems contact us on 0414 232 086.