07 Dec 2015

4 Choices For Solar Pool Heating

If you’re thinking of heating your pool, there are a few options you can choose from including solar pool heating panels, solar pool heat pumps, gas heaters and solar pool covers. Each of these solar heating systems has their own unique features and benefits.  Check out each one below so you can decide which system would suit your needs.  


4 Solar Pool Heating Systems:

1. Solar Pool Heat Pumps

One option for heating your pool is the solar pool heat pump. Solar pool heat pumps are designed to extract heat from the air and use that heat to create hot water.  Heat pumps take longer than gas heaters to warm pool water, but they are less expensive on running costs.  

They don’t require much energy to create the heat to warm the water which is great and they actually retain the heat in the pool really well. Solar pool heat pumps don’t rely on the weather for their efficiency so you will have more control than solar panels or pool covers.

If the weather is really cold the pump will have to work harder to produce the heat but it will still be capable of achieving the warm water results for your pool. 

2. Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are the fastest way to heat your pool.  Gas heating gives you the ultimate control in heating your pool because it’s not dependent on the weather and the gas means it doesn’t need to extract the heat from the air.

The gas heater works by drawing the pool water into the heating unit and filter.  You can warm the pool to around 40 degrees with a gas heater.  

Gas heaters are really easy to use and most will come with a dual controller which makes it a great choice if you have a spa because a spa is usually set at a higher temperature than a swimming pool.

Gas heaters sound like the best choice in heating your pool because they are effective and easy to use plus you have complete control, however, gas heaters are the most expensive to run and won’t last as long as other solar heating options.  

This is a good choice for you if you only want to warm your pool on special occasions and often but not continuously.

Heliocol Whitsundays kids having fun in a warm pool

3. Solar Heating Panels 

Another option for solar pool heating is solar panels.  This is the most popular method for heating your pool. Solar panels are mounted on the roof of your house.

They collect energy from the sunlight and then water from your pool travels through tiny flexible tubes to the solar panels.  

The water is warmed as it goes through the panels and is pumped back into the pool.  This process will warm the water in your pool, but it takes a few days to notice a difference because all the water in the pool needs to go through the system. 

Solar Panels are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  Once installed, solar panels have minimal running costs and require very little maintenance.

What you need to consider with solar panels is the amount of time it takes for the water to be heated.  You also need to be aware that solar panels depend on the sun to heat the pool water. That means, if there isn’t enough sun, the solar panels won’t be as effective.

4. Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers are the easiest and most cost effective options available for heating your pool. They are strong, durable and act as a barrier protecting your pool from dirt, bugs and rubbish. This makes it easier to keep your pool clean.

Pool covers don’t actually generate any extra heat.  Instead, they absorb the heat generated from the sun and retain the heat in the water.

So, the solar pool covers keep your pool warmer for longer by retaining the heat in the water.  Pool covers are highly recommended because they save water evaporation, chemical evaporation time in cleaning the pool.  They are environmentally friendly and easy to use.

Pool covers sit on top of the pool water which means they’re soaking in the pool chemicals.  A good quality pool cover is made from materials that are designed to cope with the chemicals and also acts as a barrier for anyone falling into the pool. 

It’s not their intended purpose to save people from drowning, but they will stop you from going underneath the water. 

When you’re choosing the type of solar heating system you need for your pool, it’s best to consult a professional. There are many things that need to be considered before deciding which option is going to work best for you.

Contact us and we will help you find the best solar pool heating system to suit your needs and budget.

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