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About Us


Investing in a swimming pool is a big investment. “Buy a pool,” they said.  “You’ll use it all the time,” they said.  They lied, oh how they lied! The reality is, it isn’t summer every day of the year.  


My name is Rod Tulk. I’m the owner and operator of Heliocol Whitsundays.  I have a young family and I know how much fun it is to hang out with them, playing games in the pool.  


It’s fun, healthy and I actually get to bond with them instead of watching everyone stare blankly at a computer screen.  


That’s my 8 year old daughter Magenta, in the picture above, holding the Heliocol Solar Pool Heating sign in the pool.  Being the owner of a pool warming business, of course I’ve installed solar panel heating in our pool. It really does give you the convenience and opportunity to enjoy more swimming and fun in the sun.Heliocol Whitsundays Solar Heating About Us Image


We are an Australian owned company and specialise in residential and commercial solar heating systems and installation for your pool.  Solar heating is now the most cost-effective method available to heat your pool throughout the year.  


To get the most out of your investment you need to be in charge of when and how long you can go swimming.  When it’s a hot day and the sun’s beaming down it makes it a really pleasant experience to go for a swim.


All the other days when the sun isn’t warming your pool, you’re missing out on all the fun because the waters too cold.


This is where we come in.  We want to give you more fun, more health and fitness, more family memories and yes we would also like for you to win the lotto, have an early retirement and travel the world!


Ok, we can’t do all of those things for you, but we can certainly provide the one thing that would make your leisure time more fun and convenient by warming your pool with Heliocol Solar Heating.


Solar heating is hands down the best way to get more value from your pool.  When the pool is warm you’ll be surprised at just how much extra use you’ll get from it.


We are an agent for Heliocol which is an established leader in the Australian pool heating industry.  Heliocol is recognised for providing great design, analysis and installation expertise.


We Supply Solar Heating Systems & Solar Panels to: 


Heliocol Guarantee The Best Quality Materials

Heliocol whtisundays warms you pool

With Heliocol products you can rest assured you will receive excellent quality for your investment including:

  • Vermin tough manufactured material
  • Excellent heat absorption and transfer abilities
  • Confirmation of Quality with a Strong Warranty Backing
  • Best quality polypropylene product
  • Installations of unique high wind mounting hardware


And… service with a smile!


Join thousands of other locals from the Whitsundays area including Airlie Beach, Cannonvale, Proserpine and Bowen and warm your pool with Heliocol Solar Heating.


Call us on 0414 232 086 or send us a message and let’s start solar heating your pool today.