24 Nov 2015

8 Reasons Why You Should Warm Your Pool


There are so many benefits to enjoy if you decide to warm your pool with solar heating.  You may be thinking of the cost involved which is fair enough, but I’m sure you’ll be surprised at how affordable it really is.  There are a few choices when it comes to solar heating your pool so you can find a system to suit your budget and your needs. Let me help you understand the benefits you can enjoy and why you should warm your pool now.


1. Therapeutic Benefits

Have you ever heard of Pool Therapy, Aqua Therapy, Hydrotherapy or Aquatic Therapy?  They all have one thing in common, helping people rehabilitate or alleviate joint pain, back pain and muscle pain while swimming or exercising in a warm pool.  

If you’re suffering from pain, you know how good your body feels when you’re in warm water.  Swimming and aquatic exercise help you to move, gently while feeling relaxed and calm.


2. More Swimming Time

Investing in a pool is a big decision.  You really want to maximise the amount of time you can swim in the pool and have access to it throughout the year. Jumping into an icy cold pool can feel fantastic on the right kind of day.  

On the days when you really want to have a swim and the sun hasn’t been strong enough to warm your pool water temperature it’s not so great. In fact, it can put you off with the excuse “it’s too cold”.  

A warm pool means more swimming and better value for your investment.


Baby learning to swim in warm pool3. Teach Your Kids To Swim

One of the best things you can do as a parent for your child is to teach them a life-saving skill of being able to swim.  Most kids love water and there are so many celebrations to have around the pool.  

To enjoy them you need to know your child can swim and be safe.  Having a warm pool means your child can swim all year and improve their strength and stamina.  

Teaching kids to swim in a warm pool means you can teach them anytime throughout the year instead of having to wait for months for the weather to warm up to make it a pleasant experience.


4. Health & Fitness

Having a warm pool means having access to a health and fitness program right outside your back door.  Swimming is known as an excellent form of exercise and is a great way to promote general health and well-being.  

Swimming increases your weight loss results by burning off extra calories.  

Having a warm pool means you can exercise at your own convenience instead of having to plan ahead around a schedule.


5.  Release Mental Tension

With the everyday stresses of life, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and uptight.  Sometimes you don’t even notice the signs and symptoms of stress because you’re too busy!  

If you have a warm pool to swim in you can reduce your stress and tension by burning off mental energy.  Swimming makes you feel calm and relaxed and it even helps you sleep better.


6. Technology Free Family Entertainment

Swimming has become one of the rare activities you can do as a family without technology.  Think about how often you spend time with your kids or your partner and how much of that time is spent glancing at an iPhone or iPad screen.  

Swimming and playing around in the pool builds connections and communication.  It’s a great way to spend quality time together. You don’t want to limit these times just to Summer months.  

If you warm your pool you can keep the connection and relationship with your family strong without distractions of the techno world.


7.  Add Value To Your Home

If you have a pool you have made a good investment that will add extra value to your home.  This is great when it’s time to sell.  If you have invested in solar heating to warm your pool you will add even more value because the pool is usable all year around.  

A pool can look beautiful and inviting but if you dip your toes into freezing cold water it’s not going to feel inviting for long.  You don’t want to just look at your pool you want to enjoy it whenever you feel like it, not when the weather says you can.


8.  Create Special Memories

When you have a pool it’s the perfect place to hold your family events and special occasions.  A pool is perfect for birthdays and any other special occasion where all your family and friends will be together.  

On school holidays, your kids have endless entertainment and they will be home more too.  They get to invite their friends over to your place and still have a great time – while you get to keep an eye on what they’re up to.  

Having a warm pool means you can have the party at your place no matter what month it is.  The special memories you create will last you a lifetime.


So as you can see, there are many benefits you can enjoy if you decide to go ahead and warm your pool with solar panels.  It’s up to you to decide if the cost is worth the investment.


If you have any questions on what you need to know to warm your pool just click this link and we will be happy to give you any information you need.



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