03 Dec 2015

Swimming Pool Games For More Fun In the Pool

Swimming pool games are one way our children can have fun, interact with others, get fit and learn a life skill.  It’s something the whole family can do and really enjoy their time together.  

There’s something about the outdoors and swimming that brings out the fun in people.  Today, most people, including children and adults, aren’t interacting with each other.

Everyone has their head down staring at the screen of an iPad, iPod, iPhone, tablet, laptop and any other piece of technology you can hold in your hands.

Have you seen families out at restaurants or cafes together, but no-one is talking or even giving any eye contact to each other?  It’s really sad.  

That’s why having a swimming pool is such a great thing to have.  You can communicate, be healthy, exercise and have fun, together.

7 Swimming Pool Games You Can Play

Here are 7 swimming pool games you can play together and create beautiful memories you can remember forever:

1.    Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a game I’m sure everyone knows how to play.  One person closes their eyes and calls out Marco and everyone else in the pool calls back “Polo”.  

Everyone moves around the pool while the person with their eyes closed, reaches out and tries to catch someone.  

This games keeps kids and even adults occupied for hours.  It’s funny how such a simple game can bring out so much fun.  

For safety purposes, you need to make sure the game is played in shallow water where everyone can touch the floor with their feet and still be able to have their head above water. 


2.   Ping Pong

Using ping pong balls, write each person initials on the ball and throw them in different directions in the pool.  Each person has to find their own ping pong balls and whoever get them all first wins.  

It’s a great game, especially when the overly-competitive people will find someone else’s ping pong all and throw it further away making it harder for the other person to collect all their balls.  

The balls float on water so it’s a really good game for people who prefer to keep their head above water rather than diving to the bottom of the pool to collect things.


Heliocol Whitsundays Swimming pools games for the family

3.  Gladiators

In this game, 2 people battle it out against each other using pool noodles, while sitting on inflatable donuts or rafts.  The goal is they have to try and knock the other person off their floaty to win. There’s plenty of laughter with this game!


4.  Dolphin Races

This is a quick game that can get the ball rolling for some fun times together.  It can be played with 2 or more people.  All you need to do is hold your breath, and swim underwater and see who can swim the longest on one breath. The person who swims the furthest is the winner.


5.  Olympic Divers

For this pool game, you will need a diving board for your pool.  You can do this from the side of the swimming pool too but it isn’t as effective.  To play this game, you need to be able to dive off the board and into the pool like an Olympic diver.  The best dive and the least splash wins.


6.  Popsicle

This is a great team game.  One person is “it”.  Everyone else swims around until the person who is it catches someone.  When the new person is caught, they must stand still with their arms up and their feet apart.  

Someone else from the team must swim underwater and through the caught person’s legs to free them. If you are swimming underwater to free someone you cannot get caught.  

Then you just rotate around so each person has had a chance to be “it”.


7. Bobbing Heads

One player is “it” and stands at one end of the pool.  The other players stand at the other end of the pool and bob up and down in the water.  No one is allowed to cross the middle of the pool.  Heliocol Whitsundays Volley ball pool games

The person who is “it” has a foam ball (must be foam!) and tries to hit one  of the bobbing heads.  

If they miss they have to fetch the ball and start again.  If they do get someone, the person who was hit with the ball is now it.

Swimming pool games are simple and fun.  They usually require foam balls, floaty rafts, noodles, squirt guns, goggles and dive sticks, but nothing too expensive.  

There’s nothing like hearing your family laugh as they play together and enjoy each others company.

The only thing that makes playing pool games more fun is having a solar heated pool to create the right temperature that makes people want to jump right in.  A warm pool also extends your swimming season throughout the year.

There are lots of reasons why you should warm your pool. Spending time with your family and enjoying swimming pool games in warm water is just one of them.


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