29 Nov 2015

Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers have many benefits for pool owners. Keeping sure your pool is safe, clean and maintained is a big commitment.  It’s all worth it if the pool is being used often and everyone gets to enjoy it.  

If you want to go for a swim, it depends on weather and the temperature of the pool water if you will actually get in the pool. If the water feels too cold most people don’t want to jump in and so many swimming opportunities are wasted.

Cold water can feel uncomfortable and sometimes a bit painful especially if you have aches and pains in your body. That’s why solar pool heating is such a great concept. 

Solar pool heating is the solution to providing more swimming days for you and your family to enjoy. Keeping your pool water warm means you can go for a swim anytime you like.

Instead of waiting for the right time to have a swim you can decide for yourself if you want to jump in or not

Solar pool covers also decrease the amount of water loss from evaporation and the amount of chemicals you need to use for your pool. Blanketing your pool using solar pool covers is an environmentally friendly choice you can make as a pool owner. Below are 6 reasons as to why you should own a solar pool cover:

6 Reasons Why You Should Own A Solar Pool Cover

Solar pool covers retain the heat in your pool that’s generated from the sun, keeping your pool water warmer for longer. Warm water makes swimming a more relaxing and enjoyable experience. Here are 6 reasons why you should own a solar pool cover:

1. Reduces Water Evaporation

Heliocol Whitsundays Solar Pool Heating Fun in the warm Pool

Water evaporates when it lifts into the air and converts into a gas. The solar pool cover acts as a blanket and the water isn’t able to penetrate through it. This saves you time refilling the pool water and money on water too.

 2. Keeps Your Pool Cleaner

One of the time-consuming issues of having a pool is keeping it clean.  A solar pool cover minimises the dirt, leaves and rubbish from entering your pool.  

Your pool stays cleaner for longer and it also helps to minimise any damage from the rubbish to pool filters and equipment. This is another way a solar pool cover saves you time and money.

 3. Retains Heat In The Pool

The solar pool cover is the cheapest option for solar pool heating.  It doesn’t generate more heat, it retains the heat already generated from the sun.  

The solar pool cover acts as a seal and stops the heat from escaping.  You get to enjoy more swimming days in warm, relaxing water.  

4. Pool Safety

Pool covers are heavy and strong.  They can protect children from falling into the pool, acting as a safety barrier.  Although pool covers are not designed specifically as a safety mechanism, it’s an added benefit that it stops people from falling into the pool, injuring themselves or drowning.

It’s essential to talk to a professional before buying a pool cover to make sure you are getting the real deal.  Pool covers are not tarps!  

Our pool covers are designed with the right materials making them strong and durable which gives better protection.  

A tarp or flimsy pool cover will not protect anyone falling into the pool.

5. Reduces Chemical Depletion

The solar pool cover acts as a barrier and seals everything in the pool including water, heat and chemicals.  You will save more money because you’ll find the pool cover stops chemical evaporation and you won’t need to add as many chemicals to your pool.  You’ll get more leverage from your pool chemicals and this is a great benefit for any pool owner. 

6.  No Ongoing Costs

Solar pool covers are a one-off cost.  There are no gas, electrical bills or ongoing maintenance which makes pool covers a really good investment.  They are a cheaper and more affordable option and they will save you money too! What else could you ask for!


Solar pool covers are a great alternative to keeping your pool warm and locking in the warmth from the sun.  There are many added benefits to owning a pool cover.  If you’re looking for a solar pool cover, call Heliocol Whitsundays on 0414 232 086 to make sure you’re getting the best quality product and a warm pool!


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